How does it works?

A short step-by-step plan:

– Purchase a code for a walking rally or car rally through the website. (you will receive the code by email within 24 hours of ordering)
– Only for routes where food / gear is included you need to make a reservation (check the product page for details, if reservation is required it will be explicitly stated)
– Download the app (see links below)
– Click on the route you purchased a route for, choose ‘Enter code to start’ and enter the code you received there.
– Go to the starting point (enter the address in navigation like google maps / already use the compass and distance meter in the app. The compass points THE DIRECTION HEAVILY WIDE and therefore not the way…. That’s just the NaviGame)
– When you arrive at the starting point, you will see that the route opens up ; the compass points towards the first point and the distance meter shows the distance to that point. Go in the direction indicated by the compass, think ahead (if it’s 1.5 kilometers to the next point and the road without exit doesn’t go exactly the right way, it might turn in the right direction further on)
– Follow the route from point to point, answering the questions that appear on the route, when you reach the finish the app will tell you!
– Feel free to share the score with a selfie via facebook.

Where can I enter my code?

In the rlly app. For example, if you are going to follow the mid-Netherlands car rally, you can click on this rlly in the app after which the button ‘enter code to start’ will appear.

Where can I start a RLLY?

Every rally has another start location. You can enter the right RLLY, insert your code and see the start location in the same screen. The compass will also guide you to the start location.

Where can I download the app?

Search in the Playstore or Apple store for: ‘rlly’ and you will see a white icon with red compass in it.

Where does the RLLY end?

We can’t say… because it is a surprise. But the RLLY will finish within 30 minutes from the start location. At a walking rally, the end point is very close to the starting point

Why does the direction of my compass change?

A compass uses the compass sensor on your smartphone. This sensor is different on every phone, and in addition depends on environmental factors (such as satellites the sensor connects to). To have the most accurate compass, you can move your phone in the shape of an 8, your device will then calibrate itself. Further. Be patient, you will see that the compass will start to adjust itself as you continue to drive / walk. Keep an eye on whether the distance is still decreasing as you move in a certain direction.

Is internet necessary to follow a RLLY?

If you want to experience the RLLY to the fullest, the answer is yes. With internet, all the images accompanying the assignments will appear properly and you will be able to answer the questions better. Also, an RLLY takes almost no internet, just a few mb’s.

My phone tells me I have to go back to the starting point, now what?

Annoying because that is of course not the intention. If you really do not have the ability to continue at the last spott you can contact the phone number listed on this site.

How long is a code purchased on the website valid?

Up to 3 months after purchase.

Haven’t found the answer to your question yet?
Then call us at 0318-250999 / send a message: / fill in the form below.